Feliz Navidad

christmasMerry Christmas!

Things are relatively calm here in the Thompson household. I spent most of yesterday cooking – I made three different dips to take to my grandparents’ house today to snack on before dinner. I also made a greek yogurt/avocado dip to keep at home that turned out great. And let’s not forget sweets. And dinner last night for the family. And breakfast this morning for the family. Phew!

We opened our presents last night and watched A Christmas Story. My favorite gifts are Seasons 1-7 of Criminal Minds (I’m thinking I might get bored/miss American TV while abroad), a watch that has two faces, one set to Salta time and the other to Milwaukee time, and a candle my sister got for me that smells delicious and will remind me of home.

20121229-223217.jpgWe’re heading to my grandparents’ house soon to celebrate with the entire family and spend the whole day together. I’m currently hoping that A) their house isn’t 80 degrees and B) no spats over parenting occur. But really, it’s usually a fun day and it’s been cool watching my cousins grow up from ages 1-4 to now ages 11-14. No more little plastic toys and many more gift cards. Still fun to watch them open their stuff!

On an Argentinian note, I do NOT feel ready, but feel so ready at the same time. I leave in 29 days – on January 23rd! Over Christmas break I am going to try to round up some gifts that represent Wisconsin/Milwaukee to give to Rotarians in Argentina. My ideas? Marquette stuff, keychains, Badger stuffed animals for kids, a cheesehead perhaps, mugs, and books with pictures of Wisconsin. I am on the hunt to get this stuff for free or as cheap as possible. So if you have any leads or suggestions, let me know.

Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas!


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