Lago Lago Lago del Bosque

Right now I am feeling very content and like I’m absolutely meant to go to Salta.

I was supposed to go to Bolivia.

Bolivia was the plan. I was so excited.

And then the program there disappeared.

Basically I felt like my life blew up this past summer while I was at Spanish camp and everyone at Lago del Bosque had to comfort me while I felt so confused and sad. If you told me everything would work out, I would not have believed you. I would’ve gotten more M&Ms from Jacobo’s office and said you were wrong.

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…” – John Lennon

I think I was meant to be at Lago del Bosque when I found out I wouldn’t be going to Bolivia. I had an awesome support system and a network of hispanohablantes who have lived in or visited most of the countries in South America when combined.

Mace tried to get me to go to Ecuador. Teo, Fran, and Nica all pushed Argentina. Paz and Diego were wishing for Chile. Manuel was rooting for Spain, but that was out of the question because of the school schedule there. Cristóbal… obviously la República. Oh sí. I think everyone else just wanted me to end up somewhere and stop freaking out.

lago del bosque

I never really took the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all my Lago del Bosque friends for helping me get through that horrendous couple of weeks when my life was up in the air. But seriously, thank you. Marcos, thanks for letting me skip Siesta so I could use that precious time to make some phone calls. Renatata, thanks for taking care of our chicas de crédito while I was in panic mode. Rosalía, thanks for handling the 7-year-olds and getting them excited about life while I was mentally somewhere else. And also thanks for laughing with me about the ridiculousness that comes with 7-year-olds.

Teo, thanks for everything.

Mostly thanks for getting me in contact with Leigh. I am going to be renting their gorgeous home when I first get to Salta while I am looking for an apartment. I would be feeling much more unsure if I didn’t know that Leigh and Noah are down there living in Salta and have already been SO kind to me.

So thank you, Lago del Bosque. Te quiero tanto, tanto, tanto… cada día un poco más.


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