Hasta Luego, Bs As

My final 1.5 days in Buenos Aires were wonderful. I spent time in Palermo (mostly Palermo Soho) and at Teatro Colón and seriously enjoyed my time exploring the city more. I became very comfortable. I navigated Buenos Aires using the Subte. Let’s consider this an accomplishment, because my first subte experience was relatively traumatic. My last significant experience with public transportation abroad was in Madrid, which is consistently ranked best in the world. So when I entered the non-air-conditioned Subte station and got on a D-line train ready to transfer to the A line, I didn’t know the A line was closed. So I ended up really confused and unsure of how to get to my walking tour that met in Congreso and went out of the Subte and found a taxi that took me about 3 blocks to where I needed to be (come on, it was my first full day in the city and I didn’t know where anything was!).


I found the hipster population of Buenos Aires in Palermo Soho. I didn’t take any pictures while walking around outside, which tells you that I was busy and captivated by the neighborhood. I went in a lot of the little boutiques and shops, found the Argentinian version of Anthropologie (obsessed). I bought a cute new wallet and realized that teal leather here is all the rage (win!). I found a handbag designer that I really like (Carla Danelli). I bought a new scarf (typical, because clearly I need another one) and the lady in the store didn’t think I was a foreigner. She was really confused when she saw my name on my credit card. I don’t think I used any words that had a ll or y in them, though – that would’ve given my extranjera-ness away.


I ate some tacos on Tuesday to commemorate Taco Tuesday at my favorite restaurant in Milwaukee (shout out to Matt and Nate for being my taco buddies). They were así-así. Not nearly as good as the Pollo Yucatán in Milwaukee.




I went to the Museo Eva Perón and learned a LOT about her life, what a totally awesome feminist she was, and all of the cool things she did for Argentinian women. I somehow joined up with a private English-language tour of a bunch of elderly British people. Learned a lot, including the fact that Eva Perón pushed for women to get DNIs (ID cards) and the right to vote in Argentina.


I wandered in the Jardín Botánico and sat on a bench in the shade for awhile to escape the insane humidity and heat of the Buenos Aires summer. I wasn’t too thrilled by anything here – there weren’t flowers. I was expecting flowers. Oh well


I was literally in awe at Teatro Colón and randomly got teary-eyed when I walked into the theatre. It was that beautiful, really. I am planning to go back to see a show sometime during the theatre season here because it would be an unforgettable experience.



There’s so much history in the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, and they put on so many ballets, operas, and concerts throughout the year. Looking at the stage I realized I hadn’t been to an actual symphony or concert of that type since I myself played viola in high school and college. Music, especially live, is so very powerful and it’s one of those things where language doesn’t matter.

I’m in Salta now and I have to admit, I am glad that I’m not living in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires really is so, so gorgeous and I truly fell in love with parts of the city. I know that I can go back and visit anytime I want throughout the year if I want another taste of the capital city. It’s so much safer than Quito was and I am so glad I decided to spend a week in Buenos Aires before coming to Salta. The reality is that my scholarship money would not go very far in Buenos Aires, that’s for sure; in Salta I will be living quite comfortably this year. More on my new life in Salta in my next post!

Un abrazo fuerte desde Argentina,



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  1. So, you’ve got the subte down. Next time let’s see if you can rock the bondi system!

    As for the tacos… ya can’t really expect great Mexican food in BA. It’s WAY farther from México than Minneapolis!

    I’ve still never been to the Teatro Colón, I think they were remodeling it when I was living in BA.

    Hope you love Salta. I’m sure your updates will make me want to go there even more!

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