Mi departamento!

Santa Fe 80, Departamento 7A

Salta Capital, Salta, 4402


(In case you want to send me something. Granted it might not make it here. It could be held indefinitely in Buenos Aires. And customs digs through international packages like crazy. But you can try! I do really miss ranch dressing and peanut butter M&Ms.)

Anyway, I love this apartment so much. Let me show you around…

It’s the perfect size for me and has exactly what I need. I moved in on Friday and when not in class on Friday and Saturday, I spent a lot of time running errands and getting things I needed. Let me tell you, I really miss Target. But at least there are a lot of stores that are somewhat similar here.

I do still want to put up some art on the walls in the bedroom, but I want to find something that’s cultural, can be transported home, and put up in my future classroom. So I’m still working on that. But I absolutely love it.

Well. I’m off to yoga now. It’s my first class at this place so we’ll see how it goes. There are a couple of studios in Salta that I’m looking at, so I’m just doing one class at each studio and then deciding which I’d like to join. I’m also trying to find a gym and the one I saw today was amazing, but it costs more than $60 a month and I’m not sure if I can justify that! More info on my classes here and UNSa in my next post.


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