I finally have a schedule!


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I realize that everyone in America reading this probably hates me right now, because I have more free time than you could ever imagine. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are my days to make good progress on my evaluations and assignments for my masters program, because Thursday-Saturday I am quite busy (in Salta terms). Let’s also keep in mind that it takes about a half hour to go anywhere here, so I do spend a lot of time on the bus every day depending on where I am headed. I really like my schedule though, there’s a lot of time to work on things for class but also a lot of time for me, and I am able to work out 5 days a week now! Woo hoo!

My favorite thing every week is volunteering at Instituto Franklin, an English institute 2 blocks from my apartment. On Mondays I work with the students in the profesorado program, which means they are studying to be English teachers and are all 18-22 or so. It’s awesome to work with people around my age and we’ve already connected a ton (and one of the girls adopted my dog!). On Thursdays I help out with middle and high school age classes, which totally remind me of my old job in America (shoutout to Riverside/Muskego/St. Francis/West Bend/Eisenhower high schools!).

I also really love that I find it super, super safe here in Salta. I never feel scared walking to my 10 PM Rotary meeting or coming out of class at 8 PM. I definitely feel safer than when I walked to my apartment off-campus near Marquette at 10 PM by myself! This city really is a lovely, livable place and I am so happy I picked to come here.


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  1. I don’t think that looks like an easy schedule! If your classes require anything of you like mine do, you’ll need that free time. And it’s pretty rough that you’ve got Thursday through Saturday pretty much blown with school.

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