Well this is awkward.

This past weekend, another one of my graduate classes started. My classes go for 3 or 4 weeks and then end, and shortly thereafter another begins. On the first day of class, Ana María always comes to la UNSa to “presentar el curso,” or “present the course.” Well, that’s what everyone says she does. She actually comes to yell at us. Well, not so much me. But everyone else.

This time, these are the things she yelled about:

– No one has paid all of the cuotas for the program yet. (except me).

– I paid in dollars but no one else has that luxury, but they still need to pay

– No one has turned in their project from the class in March. (except me). 

– People still need to turn in assignments from November and December.

– People need to show up to class on time. (I already do this)

– The program is OVER as soon as we are done. They’re not re-opening this master’s program. This means that as soon as all the classes are over, as she put it, “I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS UNIVERSITY. DO NOT EMAIL. DO NOT CALL ME. I AM DONE WITH THIS MASTERS PROGRAM. FIND SOMEONE TO WORK WITH YOU ON YOUR THESIS. TURN IN YOUR WORK. PAY. BECAUSE I AM NOT DEALING WITH THIS UNIVERSITY EVER AGAIN, AFTER JULY 13TH.

It’s kind of hard to hear something like that when you come from literally another continent to attend this graduate program. By “kind of hard,” I mean literally devastating.

I laughed during all of this mostly because I didn’t know how to react. She totally called me out in front of my classmates for being the only one to pay, the only one to turn things in on time, etc. On top of that, she expressed that she wants no contact with anyone from the master’s program ever again… including me. Cool.

This is coming from the woman who was the reason I chose this program over one in Córdoba, Argentina and one in Chile. Because she was so nice via e-mail and sounded like she would really take care of me while I was in Argentina.


So, here I am. Doing classwork for a course that clearly doesn’t matter to anyone, especially the director of the entire program. Excellent, just excellent.

I wish I could throw a nice positive spin on the end of this post but frankly, I can’t. 

The director of my program wants nothing to do with this master’s degree ever again. Well this is awkward. 



  1. That’s now awkward, that’s crazy! I hope you can find someone else at the university to work with, or some way to salvage the work you’ve done. Don’t give up; do the work and get the credit for what you’ve done (and paid for!). Mucha suerte!

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