Friends. Food. Fun.

If you know me well you know that I love food. I love cooking and I love eating. Fortunately I have found a group of friends here that enjoy both of those things just as much as I do, if not MORE (who thought this could be possible?). If you recall from an earlier post, back on June 6th, my friends and I took a trip to the Quebrada de Humahuaca. To be honest we had only just kind of hung out before that point — we didn’t really know each other. In fact, I had just met Elijah the week before. However, about 3-4 hours into our journey we realized we were going to be great friends. Everyone just kind of “clicked,” which doesn’t usually happen, especially when travelling. But we balance each other out and are united by a love of food. Seriously. Our first stop was in Humahuaca to get gas, and someone suggested we get empanadas to go and eat them in the car. This was met with a resounding “YES! GREAT IDEA!” response from all. We also made goat cheese/avocado/cracker sandwiches in the car and created a sort of assembly line to get them all prepared (do not worry the driver was never involved in this). By the first night we realized that we all got along wonderfully. 

Since then I’ve seen Arianna, Clémence, Elijah and Kate pretty much every single day, if not all day every day! (Except for when people are traveling. Then it’s sad) We mostly cook and eat together. Kate and Clémence are both vegetarians and Elijah mostly is so I’ve been eating a ton more vegetables than I ever could’ve imagined — stuff that I would normally pick out I am now beginning to like. 

We’ve created a Salta Guide (still in a rough draft format, no judging!) that even lists our favorite restaurants, what we like there, when they are open, and if they have delivery! We’re constantly trying to find new places to eat and hang out and the list has really become quite long for just a few months here in Salta. 

It’s also great having a friend from France. Clémence has now made crepes for us two separate times, both savory and sweet. We’re able to share recipes (apparently on the west coast they don’t eat puppy chow?) and introduce new ways of cooking stuff (no one except me knew about baked oatmeal?). I’ve also become a banana-bread making pro thanks to Elijah. Here’s a picture of us (+ Dan – Kate) from one of our crepe nights at Kate and Clemence’s apartment with Camila, their 3rd roommate who is from Córdoba, Argentina! 



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