100 Days… Left!

I wrote this post on May 3 to commemorate my first 100 days in Argentina. Somehow I only have 100 days left in Argentina now.

So, what have I accomplished in my first… 230 days? Let’s go back to the list I wrote at the 100-day mark…

  • I found an apartment that I absolutely love.  Still love it! 
  • I figured out how to pay my electric and phone bill and apartment fees. Yep!
  • I gained formal admission to la UNSa, my university. Yep! But I still am not getting the student bus rate because I don’t have my DNI yet.
  • I’ve become a graduate student. And it is going well! I have a 9/10 average in my courses. 
  • I finished 4 graduate classes. Make that 9! 
  • Reading academic texts in Spanish has become easier. Way easier. I don’t even think twice now.
  • I made friends! Even more since May!
  • I completed the DNI (ID) and student visa application process and should have it by June. HAHAHAHA. That’s funny. I got it yesterday, on September 9th.

    Me with my DNI! FINALLY!

    Me with my DNI! FINALLY!

  • I know every street in Salta between Entre Ríos and San Martín (North/South) and Virrey Toledo and Maipú (East/West) and can get around just fine. Yep!
  • I’ve given people directions on the bus and on the street a number of times. We can add giving directions to people in their cars, as well. 
  • I rescued an abandoned puppy and saved him. No more stray dogs since that little one.
  • I have eaten a LOT of empanadas and tamales and a few humitas. I really should’ve started tallying how many empanadas I’ve eaten. It’s gotta be near 1000. 
  • I have started to really like Argentinian snacks. Seriously. I was just calculating today how to bring back all the food I will want. 
  • I’ve become a volunteer at Instituto Franklin and absolutely love it. I’ve also started teaching my own 
  • I joined a yoga studio and a gym. So, I kind of gave up on the yoga thing. Whoops. 
  • I can run 3 kilometers. I can run 5K now! 
  • I’ve met every other Ambassadorial Scholar from the US currently in Argentina. Still true. And I think Melanie is coming to visit next month! 
  • I’ve become a better cook and have made a lot more recipes. Still true.
  • I turned 24! Still 24. Surprise! 
  • My listening comprehension has gotten way better and I now understand almost all Salteños all the time. (Porteños, people from Buenos Aires are still extremely hard for me to understand). Yep. My pronunciation has gotten so much better too! 
  • I’ve completely removed aguacate, piña, coche, piso, vale, and vosotros from my vocabulary… sorry, Spain. I don’t even remember how to conjugate vosotros really. 
  • I say chau much more often than haluego (hasta luego Spain style). I don’t remember the last time I even said haluego
  • I can use vos pretty efficiently, but sometimes I still revert to tú form. Never. Tú sounds totally strange to me now. 
  • I feel like a salteña sometimes. I feel salteña a lot of the time! 
  • Things that used to bother me here are now just ‘normal.’ Yep.
  • I’ve started to look for jobs at English institutes and private schools… I got a job at a private school! 

So what else could I add to this list?

  • I traveled to Bolivia and Perú.
  • I’ve gotten to see a lot of cities, towns, and villages in NW Argentina.
  • I picked my thesis topic… no thesis director though. That’s a long story.
  • I am almost done with all my master’s coursework – 2 classes to go!
  • I feel 100% comfortable with my Spanish now and am no longer nervous to ever ask questions to people on the street, in stores, etc. if necessary.
  • I am getting way better at Portuguese and adore my class and my teacher.
  • I signed up for Quechua classes but find the language extremely confusing and overwhelming and I am disheartened by this.
  • I am teaching private English classes to a number of people and am way busier during the week now!
  • I am actually relatively stressed because of how busy I am.
  • I am almost done with my Fulbright application for Bolivia and Argentina.
  • I am excited for my mom to come visit! She gets here November 30th!
  • I am already starting to panic about getting all my stuff back to the USA.
  • I cannot wait to eat a lot of American foods.
  • I am getting a little bit homesick for the first time this year. I realized that this is the first fall I have ever not been in the US for. In fact, I think it’s the first fall I’ve ever been outside of Wisconsin period. Really starting to miss things like Packer Sunday, Elegant Farmer, Apple Holler, buying MUBB tickets, office supplies, and starting out a new school year.
  • This experience has 100% re-affirmed that I want to be a teacher because I often think about how much I want to be back in the Spanish classroom.
  • It is going to be super hard to leave this place in 100 days.

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