¡Chau, Argentina!

I am working on writing blog posts about my travels over the past month, but it’s going to take a lot of time / photo editing / reflection first. So, this is what you get for now. 

Right now I’m sitting in the airport in Buenos Aires waiting for my flight to Dallas (and then another flight to Milwaukee). I can’t believe I am going home. I haven’t even cried. 

Yesterday I got food poisoning so the entire afternoon was spent at my apartment dying with my mom by my side. Instead of going to experience folklore one last time and spend the evening with my friends, I fell asleep at 9 hoping I wouldn’t be up all night… dying. Luckily I slept the entire night and woke up actually okay! I am super lucky that it passed in about 12 hours. 

So, I haven’t cried because I haven’t really said goodbye to anyone except my friend Matías who came by my apartment this morning to see me off to the airport. And I didn’t cry then either. I don’t really think that I’ve totally accept that I am going home yet.

I am going to miss a ton of things about Argentina… my friends, my Rotarians, the food (alfajores, cheap amazing wine, bon o bons, great italian food, etc), the relaxing lifestyle, teaching my crazy English students, the views of the hills around Salta and folklore! But I am also really glad to be going home to a country where:

1. There isn’t really any inflation

2. It is very fast to do anything and almost all of it can be done online

3. I have a car

4. I speak the language natively and never have to think twice before saying something, and never get stared at because of my accent

5. I have all my childhood/college/work friends and my family! 

It is bittersweet because I am leaving a part of my heart in Argentina, but I am also really happy to be going home. From 85 degrees to 15 with a foot of snow, I am ready for Wisconsin winter. I was really wanting to come back to Argentina next year to teach but wasn’t able to find a good job here, so I am going home! I will be teaching Spanish I and IV at Sussex Hamilton and I am super excited! So, Hamilton kids, get ready for your crazy Argentina-loving teacher! 


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  1. Bienvenida y suerte! 😉 I hope your re-entry goes smoothly. I can empathize — plenty of snow and temps in the teens here in Western Massacusetts, too, while everyone in Buenos Aires is melting! I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures, and will probably travel to the Salta area the next time I’m in Argentina — you’ve inspired me!

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