Iguazú (12/10-12/13)

As soon as we landed, despite not having any luggage, my mom was SO happy. She loves hot, tropical climates. My huge hair doesn’t really like them so I don’t either. But I too fell in love with Iguazú as soon as I saw where we were staying. There is one hotel within the Iguazú National Park in Argentina… the Sheraton. It’s definitely, definitely worth it to stay there because you end up with a view like this from your room…

1553229_686705324693350_27738131_o 1507523_686705668026649_394849614_o

Breathtaking. The first day we just relaxed, enjoyed the amazing view, ate some great food and waited for our luggage (which arrived that night, luckily!). The next morning we got up very early to be at the park by 9 AM. The National Park is literally connected to the path to the Sheraton, so within 10 minutes of leaving your hotel you experience views like this:

966881_686693308027885_526215773_o 1487772_686697088027507_1432293323_o 1523819_686694684694414_1013989420_oEvery turn seems to be even more beautiful. There are waterfalls absolutely everywhere, butterflies, rainbows, little animals, cool birds, MONKEYS, toucans, lizards and even snakes… yuck.

We also decided to take a boat INTO the waterfalls. They warn you that you will get wet but I guess I didn’t realize that we’d be directly underneath the entire force of the waterfall. I had a great waterproof digital camera, attached it to my wrist, and just randomly took pictures with my eyes closed (the water power is too powerful to keep your eyes open).

1484055_686696894694193_1822661700_oAfter a beautiful day mesmerized by the waterfalls, the next day we decided to spend the morning in Puerto Iguazú (the city) and the afternoon by the pool. The city was mediocre at best – not worth spending much time there. But the pool at the Sheraton is definitely worth spending time at.

Happy mom! :)

Happy mom! 🙂

Iguazú was definitely one of the top 5 most amazing places I have ever been and I am so happy I was able to experience it with my mom!


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