From “Miss” to “Profe”

In 2013 I lived in Argentina. It’s weird to put that entirely in the past tense now. It was an amazing experience that I am deeply grateful for. I taught English at a private high school in Salta and was fortunate enough to have amazingly dedicated, talented, and advanced English students. I miss them already!

Now that I am back in the USA it’s time to make the adjustment from being called “Miss” to being called “Profe” and “Señorita.” In a few weeks I will be starting out at a large metro-Milwaukee area high school teaching Spanish I and Spanish IV on block schedule. I will only have about 80 students and have almost 85 minutes of prep time each day (woo hoo!). I am excited to meet new students, learn about a new district, and try things out on block! I will also be teaching Spanish IV for the first time ever. So this blog is turning from one about my experiences in Argentina to one about my experiences as a teacher.

I won’t be offended if you all unfollow – my daily teaching struggles and successes will probably be not nearly exciting as going to Machu Picchu! But if you want to keep following along as I become a better teacher you are more than welcome! This will be a place where I hopefully make note of good lessons, talk about my failures and proud moments, work through tough days, procrastinate when I don’t want to grade, etc. So, here we go… from “miss” to “profe”!


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