First Day!

Today was my first day meeting my students! I was supposed to start on Monday but we had two cold days, so the new semester actually began today. The teacher I am subbing for was there as well – her last day is now Friday. I am glad we were able to start the semester together so that the students can see we’re on the same page and whatnot. 

My day looks like this:

Hour 1 – Spanish 4

Advisement – This is about a half hour and I have seniors. We do some curriculum things and some study hall on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all students choose 2 or 3 different teachers to be assigned to so that they can get help in their classes. No students take a study hall at my school, they’re all required to take all four block classes (unless they have work release and are upperclassmen). So this gives everyone an opportunity to meet with teachers and get help. I think it’s a cool system! 

Hour 2- Prep

Hour 3 A Lunch – That’s right, Prep + Lunch = ALMOST 2 HOURS OF PREP TIME!

Hour 3B/C – Spanish 1

Hour 4 – Spanish 4

It is really great only having 3 groups of students, and all my classes are around 25 students. 4th hour basically all know one another so they’re a little chatty but seem really fun. Spanish 1 is always a struggle for me, especially for 83 minutes! Day 1 presented some potential troublemakers so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. The classes meet everyday for one semester, so some of my Level 4 kids haven’t had Spanish 3 for an entire year. That might also present a challenge.

Tomorrow and Friday I am not teaching, but I’m going in after school to meet with the teacher I’m subbing for and get myself organized. I’m so excited to get my hands on a classroom again! 


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